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     Digital Mega - Ohm Meter

Digital Mega - Ohm meters manufacturde by prestige Electronics is suitable for measuring high resistance values of Resistors, capacitors, insulating materials, Volume & Surface Resistivity of Solids and Liquids etc.

Instruments are available in various models to suit various Industrial applications. Test voltage extended has extremely low ripple, high stability and short circuit current is less than 3mA.

Model No.

Test Voltage



Basic Accuracy

PEI - 10
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500 V.DC

20 MΩ to 20 GΩ

0.01 MΩ


PEI - 11
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50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V. DC

20 MΩ to 20 GΩ

0.01 MΩ


PEI - 21
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500V, 1000V. DC

200 MΩ to 2 TΩ

0.1 MΩ


PEI - 35
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500V 20 MΩ TO 20 GΩ 0.01 MΩ ±3%
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